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After a short break, well 2 and a half years, I am back with a whole heap of models and even more enthusiasm so please do come back and even drop me a email if you want to write about your F1 model collection, or any F1 collection at all.
So thank you all and heres to many more writings


Pacific 1995 Jean-Denis Deletraz

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Jean-Denis Deletraz Pacific Racing 1995

After somehow managing to survive 1994, they rarely qualified, the Pacific team merged with the outgoing Lotus team to try and close the gap between them and the other slighter faster backmarkers, Pacific also managed to have four drivers that year, starting out with Andrea Montermimi (coming from Simtek.) and Bertrand Gachot who was starting his second year with the team, but mid-way through the season he left to make way for two pay-as-you-go drivers in the forms of Giovanni Lavaggi and Jean-Denis Deletraz although Gachot did return at the end of the year when the two pay-as-you-go drivers money dried up.

I have always been known to support the underdogs, (well I am a Tottenham fan!) so i couldn’t pass up the chance to buy this when i stumbled across it on eBay,

Luca Badoer Forti 1996

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Luca Bodoer, Forti, 1996

Forti may only have lasted half a season but still managed to have a model made of them by Onyx, the heavily underfunded team also managed to change colours but nothing could save them from simply disappearing from the F1 scene mid-way through 1996, the team were unfortunate because there arrival into Formula 1 coincided with the introduction of the 107% rule for qualification it was simply too much of a task for them to managed, they now join other teams that have drifted away in non-existence much like the lola team did the following year.

I bought this model as a sought of reminder that formula 1 is no fairy tale and that sometimes teams can come to a grim and unfortunate end.

1995 McLaren Nigel Mansell

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Nigel Mansells 1995 McLaren

After doing a couple of races for Williams during the 1994 season, “our Nige” made a spectacular comeback for 1995, but for all the wrong reasons, it started badly for Mansell because he was too fat to fit into the car which meant that Mark Blundell started the the season in his place while McLaren made a new car in which to fit Mr. Mansell, eventually Nigel got his drive but gave up before the end of the season.

This was to be Mansells last season in F1, he now owns a kart track where he recently entered his own competition only to finish second to a gas fitter, he also manages his two sons in there quest to win the British F3 Championship

Williams Renault 1994 Ayrton Senna

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Ayrtons Williams 1994

Now as a F1 model collection goes this is a must, the 1994 Williams of Ayrton brought the world of formula one to its knees when on the 1st of May after having a safety car period Senna went of the track and collided with the barrier.

it is strange to think that this is not only my first memory of motor racing but also my first ever memory, at the time i didn’t think much of it at the time but now I start to wonder what would of happened the rest of seaso, with Williams winning the two previous championships and now the legendary Ayrton there was only going to be one memorable ending, unfortunately it was memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Williams Supertec 1999 Alex Zanardi

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It was meant to be a two year return for Zanardi after his disastrous year with lotus in 1994 he left F1, but after winning the champ cars 1n 1997 and 1998 he made a return to F1 with Williams, Williams now in there second year with the Supertec engines and there first without Villeneuve, were struggling and a poor season ensued for Zanardi. at the end of the season Alex left F1 to go back to Champ car where in 2001 he lost both his legs in a racing accident, but that didn’t stop him from racing and he is back behind the wheel in the world touring car championship.

Pacific Ilmor 1994 Bertrand Gachot

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The Two Pacifics in testing for the Pacific Grand PrixAlthough not a front runner – or even middle of the pack – I have a soft spot for the teams in F1 that don’t succeed, through out the 1994 season Pacific failed to qualify for the majority of the races even with the help of experienced driver Bertrand Gachot, ( in fact they only raced a total of seven races but didn’t finish a single one of them.)

With there silver coloured bodies with dashes of colour the cars certainly looked fast but never managed to make it. Playing the old Grand Prix games on the Pc I always raced as Pacific alas it was to be there only Formula one world championship.